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 Welcome to our Computer Help Forum

If you have a question you cannot find an answer to, enter the Computer Help Forum via the button and register yourself so that you can post the question. Our IT/Internet professionals will look into your problem and post the answer on the Computer Help Forum so anyone else with similar difficulties can read the solutions.

To register for our Computer Help Forum use the button on the top right of your screen when your are in the forum, and if you agree to the terms displayed, fill in the registration form. When you are registering for a Computer Help Forum user login name please be patient; we will have to accept your logon name and credentials and you will receive an email with instructions so please make sure that you have typed correctly. 

Once you have received your Computer Help Forum confirmation email you should click on the link enclosed, then you will be free to post questions related to anything on the forum. We do not sell your email address to any other organisation - no, really we don't - although we ourselves may send you ideas from time to time.

Enter the Forum..

A note on postings:

Please avoid being obscene on the Computer Help Forum as any offensive postings will be removed when found by us. All information is freely posted by the web-wide public and no responsibility whatsoever can be taken by the Computer Help Forum owner/operator for content so make sure you take care when trying out any advice. Each posting begins a new thread or topic which can be replied to. No HTML or images are allowed on the Computer Help Forum at present but if you think that they will be useful then send an email to and we will reconsider.

The Computer Help Forum is intended to be used for anything related to the Internet, Computing, Games, DVDs or just plain having a chat, so don't be surprised if you have to scroll down a bit before you find the solution to any problems. It is a free internet and this is our free Computer Help Forum so enjoy the good will!

A note on the Info Pages:

The Information Pages shortcut above takes you to the pages that have been checked and uploaded by the support staff and are articles that have been sent to customers and subsequently archived to this website. The opinions of the support staff are just those - opinions - and does not necessarily condone or share the stated working practices. They are however tried and tested methods, so please feel free to try them as our articles are written by professionals.



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Security Audit
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