Outlook 2007 Calendar Sharing

If you wish for others to be able to edit your calendar and only your calendar.

You must log in to your outlook as normal

Log into Outlook

Then you should click on the calendar bar to show your calendar

Go to your Calendar 

Right click on your calendar in the bar on the left, the one that has been highlighted in this case. Be careful that it is your own calendar if you have many open at one time. You should then select 'change sharing permissions.'

Changing calendar sharing permissions

You will now see a new box showing the current permissions on your calendar, which will look something like the below:

Outlook Calendar Permissions

You now need to select 'add' and choose who you wish to grant permission to add/change appointments on your calendar. You can then say ok and they will appear in the box above as a new item under the 'name' column. Now you can choose their permission level as below:

Choosing Outlook Calendar Permissions Level

I am choosing 'Publishing Editor' which means that they can add and delete any appointments in my calendar. You can equally choose contributor if you wish for them not to be able to change appointments you make yourself. You can always come back to these choices using this method to make further changes.

Once you have chosen the permissions level you can say OK and they can then open your calendar by choosing 'open a shared calendar' from their own Outlook calendar screen. Depending on the permissions you grant to different people they will each have different capabilities when editing your calendar.