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Dual core is simple enough in principle. It is the addition of a second processor to the same chip die able to communicate with the first at speeds in line with it's processing ability, as opposed to gearing down to standard bus speed. Hyper-transport technology enables the two processor cores to interact at faster speeds than a lot of dual processor systems will allow and so is actually a way to almost double processor throughput, sharing the motherboard resources though will mean that it will not compete with Dual-Processor systems for overall speed. This means that all of the components on a motherboard that normally are waiting for instructions to be processed will be waiting half as long with the new dual core systems.

As the CPUs from the major manufacturers begin to get more difficult as far as speed increase is concerned - and they are, apparently - ways of side-stepping physical material issues become more and more important. The current which flows though a processor to obtain a 4.00GHz frequency is quite phenomenal and the pathways, being unimaginably close together, begin to induce current in their neighbours which leads to interference or noise which then leads to miscalculations and crashes.  The dual core systems, although differing from Intel to AMD to Mac, are a definite boost as they double the pathways available for use in calculation, making more space to move for all of the traffic.


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In the modern business, the choice to host your own email or move in to the cloud is pretty much a 'no-brainer.' Email Hosting UK servers allow for all of the services that your in-house Exchange Server provides.

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