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  Your Computer.... Network???

 It is definitely true to say that nobody knows everything about their own computer. If you are a designer of processors then it is pretty unlikely that you can recite much of the code that makes any of the programs work and if you are a programmer it is equally unlikely that you can tell anyone precisely what the processor architecture is from top to bottom. How many of us really know what all of the processes listed in task manager actually achieve in the workings of Windows? 

 Well perhaps your average programmer or antivirus investigator would have a pretty good idea but in the most part it is true to say even the most experienced computer users have to look up quite a lot on a day to day basis which is really why the Internet is as full of technical information as it undoubtedly is. There are a few pages listed here regarding keystrokes, start-up issues and other mostly desktop related articles. Either have a browse with the menu up top or search by going back to the search page.




Where does the networking begin and end ? ? ?






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In the modern business, the choice to host your own email or move in to the cloud is pretty much a 'no-brainer.' Email Hosting UK servers allow for all of the services that your in-house Exchange Server provides.

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Our consultancy service is designed for SMEs who would like some help to get moving toward a streamlined & reliable computer system.

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